Free Limited First-Trimester Ultrasounds

Lifeline offers free “limited” 1st trimester ultrasounds. These “limited” obstetrical ultrasound examinations are provided by medical professionals (registered nurses) trained and competent in these procedures.

Lifeline’s Medical Director has authorized our provision of limited ultrasounds, to assess a pregnancy’s viability, followed by a physician’s review of all scans. Our limited ultrasounds are non-diagnostic in nature, but can let you know approximately how many weeks you are into your pregnancy, and if your pregnancy is viable.

A positive pregnancy test alone will not tell you if your pregnancy is viable (able to continue), as 1/4 to 1/3 of all pregnancies result in miscarriage1, usually related to chromosomal factors2. Since the baby’s heart begins to beat between 21-24 days after conception3, the fetal heart rate can be measured. Confirming that the pregnancy is IN the uterus will establish viability (or lack of).

This free ultrasound will help you know if a “decision” even needs to be made! But if you ARE pregnant, you DO have choices!

Reliable pregnancy testing with immediate results

No more wondering or worrying if you’re pregnant or not. Our laboratory-quality pregnancy tests are 99% accurate and can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after fertilization.4

Pregnancy Consultation

An advocate is someone who supports or speaks in favor of someone or something. At Lifeline, we know that when a person is listened to, she/he feels valued. Our advocates are extensively trained to answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, parenting, and your reproductive and sexual health. Most of all, they care not only about your present but your future as well.

STD and sexual health information

Come and get educated on the latest facts and information about STD’s for your health and safety. Learn about topics such as emergency contraceptives, condoms, and other methods of birth control. Discover how at-risk you might be of contracting an STD and ways to make healthier sexual choices.

Community referrals

Lifeline has built extensive relationships with various community organizations. Whatever you need, we will do our best to link you with one of these relevant organizations.

Small support groups

Need to talk to someone about your abortion experience? Planning on choosing to parent? Want to find out more about fetal development? Our center offers various relevant individual and small support groups.

Other resources to meet your needs

Same day appointments available 

Call to schedule your confidential appointment at 573-885-3040

All services are confidential.

Though clients/patients must fall within certain criteria to be eligible for some services, no client/patient will ever be discriminated against based on sex, race, age, creed, religious background or any other arbitrary factor.