Q- What are my pregnancy choices?
A- You have the choice of carrying your pregnancy to term and parenting, carrying your pregnancy to term and making an adoption plan, or terminating your pregnancy (abortion).

Q-How accurate are your pregnancy tests?
A- Our tests are laboratory-quality tests that are over 99% accurate and can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after fertilization.1

Q- How soon will I get my pregnancy test results?
A- You will receive your results during your visit. Your initial visit will take approximately one hour.

Q- I need a pregnancy verification letter. Does Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center provide this?
A- Yes. We provide pregnancy tests and pregnancy verification forms for the organization you request.

Q- Do you accept walk-ins?
A- Yes. However, to ensure the fastest service, we do recommend you make an appointment. We accept same day appointments, but walk-ins are certainly welcome.

Q- Are your services confidential?
A- Absolutely. Your safety and privacy are of utmost importance.

Q-I am underage. Will you tell my parents that I came to your center?
A- No. We encourage you to involve your parents in your pregnancy decision when possible, but ultimately that is your decision. Your privacy is a top priority at Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center.

Q- I already know I’m pregnant. What can Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center do for me?
A- If you are already certain that you are pregnant, you can still benefit from a pregnancy consultation to discuss your concerns, explore your options, and gain valuable information and support. We provide parenting classes, one on one, so that you can become a confident parent. We are here to talk to you about your next decision. Click here to see the valuable services we offer.

Q- I’ve had an abortion. I need someone to talk to. Can you help me?
A- Yes! We offer abortion recovery services that include individual support. Many women struggle emotionally after an abortion. You are not alone. For more information about our abortion recovery service click here.

For answers to questions not listed above, click here and someone will contact you within 48 hours or call us at 573-885-3040.



  1. http://www.labtestingmatters.org/how-early-can-pregnancy-be-detected/